Roslyn Robot Company

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10 Amp Relay Board

This is a relay board designed to be controlled via a 5 volt micro-controller. It can handle loads of up to 10 Amps at 250 volts

10K Potentiometer Board

Center tapped 10K Potentiometer wire block connector

Blue Push Button

SPST Momentary Push Button with screw down terminal block connector

IO Kit

Everything you need to communicate with any microcontroller, 2 push button boards, 1 potentiometer board, and 4 led boards. Save a lot over fully assembled versions. Parts can be assembled on top side or bottom depending on needs.

PIC18F13K50 Experimenters Board Kit

This USB controlled micro-controller kit features the powerful Microchip PIC18F13K50 chip. It uses all through-hole components which makes soldering and assembling it simple.