Robot Radiologists

I was in my Jeep yesterday and I had the radio on. A commercial came on for a local radiology company.  It went something like this…


We started as a Mom and Pop business, and now some people are saying we have become too large. We say there is a big benefit to being large. Instead of having a single radiologist we have many, each an expert in a different area.


What they were saying I guess is that a radiologist that worked mostly looking at X-Rays of broken bones, may not be that good at detecting areas of concern on lung X-Rays.


I can’t help thinking that this is about to change.  Pattern recognition and deep learning by artificial intelligence is getting better at an astounding rate.  Google has just Open-Sourced its deep learning software


MIT is working teaching robots how to pick things up.  It can take a while for a robot to learn how to pick up a cup,  then a while again to learn how to pick up a plate.  Once it learns though it never forgets, What’s more once a single robot learns, all robots of the same model know how to do it as well!

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