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Robots That Build Brick Buildings

There are at least two companies producing robotic systems that can lay bricks and they are both pretty cool. Fastbrickrobotics is an austrailian based company and their robot mason is helping to fill the gap between the housing boom and the shortage of masons. The Wall Street Journal reports that a mason in Sydney can now command a six figure salary.


Construction Robotics SAM, which is short for Semi Automatic Mason is a much smaller unit and meant to work along side a mason.


Have a look at the web sites for some cool videos of these robots in action.


Fast Brick Robotics  and  Construction-Robotics




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Robots From Trash

Back in 2009 speckyboy Design Magazine ran a great article featuring 45 retro robot creations from artist Paul Loughridge (pronounced ‘Lok-rij”) from Lockwasher Design

We have seen some of these robots show up in store windows in Manhattan around the holidays in the past

To read the article click Here or you can visit the artists photo gallery of flickr by clicking Here

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